Catch The Speed
Bosch’s new innovative Ceramic Turbo Discs

Appropriate for 4’’ angle grinders and marble cutter

Best for Ceramic Turbo
Expert for Ceramic Turbo

Innovative cutting technology

Bosch’s new innovative Ceramic Turbo Disc ensures swift cutting speed with chip free edges, allowing users to optimise their cutting speed and efficiency.

  • A fast diamond and bond matrix helps to reduce the high temperatures
  • Increased strength and stability enables effortless clean cutting.
  • With a 1.0mm thick steel core, coupled with a 1.4mm thick segment, It is low in vibration and high on safety.
  • Bosch Ceramic Turbo Disc strictly complies to international standards EN 13236.

Product detail:

Diamond cutting discs, Expert for Ceramic Turbo

Diamond cutting disc Expert for Ceramic Turbo

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