Wire Brushes for Drilling Machines

Need to remove unwanted surface coatings and create a smooth, professional finish? We make our wire brushes for drills from a variety of different materials to produce any type of finish on almost any type of material. Choose a brass brush for drills to enable a fine finish on both steel and wood, or a nylon wire cup brush for smooth results on wood, plastics and concrete. Our wire brush attachments and wire wheels for drills use cylindrical shanks for easy application and quick changes when you polish different materials. Bosch accessories are available in variable thicknesses for different finishes on a wide range of surfaces.

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Find accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Make life easier with Bosch wire brushes for drills

A manual wire brush is a tool with a variety of uses, such as removing dirt and grime, scraping back old paintwork, and preparing surfaces for further treatment. However, sometimes a handheld brush is just not enough to get the job done. This is especially true when you are working with very large surface areas or tough materials. Even wearing gloves, blisters and sore elbows are sure to set in after a while. This is where Bosch Professional wire brush attachments for drills can help make things easier.

Add power to your wire brush

Our wire brushes for drills come with a cylindrical shank, which is compatible with three-jaw chucks. This means the brush attachment can be clamped firmly in place while the rotary drill/driver or impact driver generates much higher levels of force and friction compared to manual brushing alone.

Different brushes for different jobs

Of course, not all wire brush attachments for drills are the same. The Bosch Professional Accessory range includes a selection of brush heads with differing bristle types and configurations for working with specific materials and for achieving varying finishes. For example, Bosch wire cup brushes for drills are designed with knotted wires that are ideal for steel surfaces and an easy cleaning experience after heavy-duty projects. Steel wire brushes help remove thick rust, as well as layers of paint, or varnish. The wider shape of cup brushes for drills are designed for larger surface areas and can clean more in one go.

Additionally, bristles made of different materials can help you achieve your desired results. A brass wire brush for a drill is best suited for light to medium cleaning on steel and other non-ferrous metal surfaces. Aluminium oxide K80-coated nylon bristles are ideal for surfaces with contours, offering consistent material removal due to the abrasive nature of the bristle coating.

Wire wheel brushes for drills

In addition to the cup configuration, Bosch also offers a selection of nylon and brass wheel wire brushes for drills. Wheels are ideal for working in smaller, confined spaces, such as edges or grooves or along welded seams. Crimped wire wheels for drills are more suitable for light to moderate cleaning applications. This can include removing surface coatings and rust, as well as for cleaning formwork boards and facings on a range of materials.

Discover the Bosch range of wire brush attachments for drills, or wire brush for angle grinder and find your perfect cleaning tool.

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