Competitively priced power tools launched
Bosch Power tools introduces New Product Range

The new range marks the expansion of user base in India

  • Bosch Power Tools deliver quality and reliability to the professional users
  • The company is increasing its investment to strengthen the product range to provide relevant products in line with the needs of these users
  • The new range to be made available to dealers, sub-dealers and users across the country

Bosch India, a leading supplier of technology and services, announces the launch of its high-performance, yet affordable, range of professional power tools targeted at India’s contractors and tradesmen.

The new tools offer efficiency and affordability to the country’s trade professionals, including plumbers, carpenters, metalworking professionals, construction workers, fabricators and individual tradesman engaged in sub-contracting.

The new range provides users with essential features that are required for specific key applications, along with the traditional Bosch promise of German quality, high performance and longevity, all at an affordable price. The Power Tool division of Bosch has increased its investment to expand the product range with relevant products for tradesmen, thus ensuring that customers receive, “Bosch Quality within their Budget”.

This range features eight new, core entry-level products meeting the specific ‘quality for value’ needs of tradesmen and small contractors across the country. The range is comprised of:

  • GDC 120 – Marble Cutter
  • GCO 200 – Chop Saw
  • GWS 600 – Mini Grinder
  • GSB 501 – Impact Drill
  • GBH 200 – Rotary Hammer
  • GSH 500 – 5kg Hammer
  • GSB 451 – Impact Drill
  • GDC 121 – Marble Cutter

The new range of tools will be available to dealer and sub-dealer stores across the country from January 2016.

“Over the next 18 months, Bosch will continually enhance its product & service offerings not only to the users needing medium priced products but also to the users having needs for higher performance - with ONE powerful brand BOSCH.
The Indian market has a large population of customers who are part of the unorganized sector – carpenters, plumbers, metalworking professionals, construction workers, fabricators, individual tradesmen who are engaged in sub-contracting and repairs business. This sector has tremendous future potential for Bosch Power Tools. With the launch of our new innovative range of tools, we aim to help customers achieve high performance at a competitive price.” explained Panish PK, Regional Sales Director, Bosch Power Tools.

Marble Saw $GDC 120 Professional

Marble Saw

GDC 120 Professional
Product details
Metal Cut-off Saw $GCO 200 Professional

Metal Cut-off Saw

GCO 200 Professional
Product details
Rotary Hammer with SDS-plus $GBH 200 Professional

Rotary Hammer with SDS-plus

GBH 200 Professional
Product details
Demolition Hammer with Hex $GSH 500 Professional

Demolition Hammer with Hex

GSH 500 Professional
Product details
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