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Formidable cutting discs for smooth and fast cuts. Are your angle grinder discs sharp enough for your job? Cutting with a blunt disc is a difficult and strenuous task. For metal cutting discs that stay sharp for longer, you need our EXPERT cutting discs. They use Bosch Carbide Technology for extra durability and an X-Lock system to secure the accessory in place. This also ensures quick accessory changes, reducing the time taken on demolition, restoration and construction projects. Our angle grinder discs are versatile enough to cut through all kinds of materials like wood, plastics, stainless steel and even heavy cast iron.

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Cut through a wide range of materials with Bosch angle grinder discs

Angle grinders are extremely useful tools for polishing, deburring, finishing, and completing other similar tasks on-site. However, one of the most important functions of an angle grinder is abrasive cutting. Using specialised cutting discs, like those available in our Bosch Professional range has a lot to offer for clean, effective, and quick cuts in a huge range of materials with its compatible discs for steel, brick, stone, and cast iron. However, to make the safest cuts possible, it is important that the appropriate cutting disc is used for the angle grinder to cut the material at hand.

Multi-wheel angle grinder blades

As well as specialised cutting discs for angle grinders, we offer multi-wheel angle grinder discs that can also be used to cut through multiple types of materials without needing to change out the disc. The carbide cutting wheel from Bosch can even cut materials that grinders previously couldn’t manage, thanks to an advanced steel body that cuts at constant speeds and depths.

These multi-material angle grinder cutting wheels offer extreme durability thanks to their integrated Carbide technology and are a popular choice with professionals. This is because they can cut through softer materials like wood, plastic, and modern composites, as well as tougher materials like concrete, tile, metal, and stone.

Our range of cutting blades for angle grinders are available in both X-LOCK and standard locking nut configurations for greater flexibility on site.

Quick cutting with the Bosch Professional range

Operating at speed but with maximum safety is vital at any worksite. We know you can’t afford to hang around or be slowed down by your tools, which is where our Bosch Best for Metal Rapido cut-off wheels come into play. Expert for metal angle grinder discs offer extra-fast cutting across a range of metal materials including cast iron, pipes, and steel. The slender wheel thickness provides highly accurate and super-fast cutting, with the ceramic encapsulated abrasive grains offering both high resistance and consistent cutting quality. These discs are available for both small and large angle grinders with 22.23mm bores.

You can also explore our range of X-LOCK cutting discs, which also offer fast and powerful cutting and utilise the quickest accessory changing system on the market. Our X-LOCK premium aluminium oxide is a type of angle grinder disc with advanced phenol resin, which can cut through even the most demanding materials, and the precision fibreglass design ensures high stability and cutting quality.

Check out the range of Bosch Professional cutting blades for angle grinders to equip yourself with the highest quality cutting tools on the market. Whatever material you need to cut, you can do it quickly, accurately, and safely using our Bosch angle grinder blades - time after time.

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