Electrical and Personal Safety

Electrical Safety

  • Power tool plugs must always match the outlet. Never modify or alter the mains plug in any way. With earthed (grounded) power tools it is important to not use any adapter plugs. Interfering or modifying plugs that do not match the power outlets or using adaptors increases the risk of electric shock.
  • When working with a power tool, ensure you avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces, particularly pipes, radiators or refrigerators. If your body is earthed or grounded you may be at risk from electrocution.
  • Water and power tools do not mix! Do not expose your power tool to rain or wet conditions. Water or moisture entering a power tool will dramatically increase the risk of electric shock. When operating a power tool outdoors, ensure you use an extension cord that is designed for outdoor use.
electrical safety

Personal Protection

In addition to workplace safety, it is important to use personal protective equipment. So, always wear safety glasses, ear protection, helmets and other protective gear, and when doing metal grinding and cutting work, also make sure you wear good flame-retardant work clothes.

personal safety

  • Safety glasses prevent dust, debris, wood shaving and other substances from getting into the eyes, while Ear protection can minimize the damage to the ears cause by the moise generated from power tools.
  • Dust masks help prevent users from inhaling harmful particles in the workplace.
  • When working with power tools, always dress appropriately. Long hair, jewelry and loose clothing can be caught in moving parts of power tools, causing potential danger to users. Long hair should be carefully tied back and unnecessary accessories should be avoided. Clothing should cover the entire body. Wear heavy gloves, sturdy shoes and helmets to avoid sharp implements, splinters or falling objects.

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