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Formidable cutting discs for smooth and fast cuts. Are your angle grinder discs sharp enough for your job? Cutting with a blunt disc is a difficult and strenuous task. For metal cutting discs that stay sharp for longer, you need our EXPERT cutting discs. They use Bosch Carbide Technology for extra durability and an X-Lock system to secure the accessory in place. This also ensures quick accessory changes, reducing the time taken on demolition, restoration and construction projects. Our angle grinder discs are versatile enough to cut through all kinds of materials like wood, plastics, stainless steel and even heavy cast iron.

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Material: Aerated concrete

Cut through hard concrete with Bosch cutting discs

Concrete is an incredibly useful and versatile material that is easy to use, cost-effective and very durable. Once set however, it can be very difficult to remove, which means if you do find yourself with some concrete that needs cutting out, you need specialist tools to get the job done. Along with breakers and demolition tools that break up concrete using brute force, you can also use special concrete cutting discs for angle grinders for more precise and energy-efficient alterations.

Bosch X-LOCK for maximum performance

Here at Bosch, our angle grinder discs for concrete, allows you to make the cuts you need quickly and safely, using the latest cutting technology.

Bosch angle grinder blade for concrete cutting is a multi-purpose cutting disc, which means it can cut through almost anything you might encounter on-site, including aerated concrete, thanks to its special abrasive mix. The thin cutting surface means it can cut through almost anything quickly and without too much exertion. The X-LOCK changing system is one of the fastest on the market, offering greater efficiency on-site, it also fits grinders with nut and thread systems. In addition, these angle grinder concrete cutting wheels create less noise and minimise dust production, preventing discolouration or burr formation. The X-LOCK concrete cutting discs are also available in a variety of diameters.

Multi-material Cutting Disk

The multi-construction cutting disc offers fast and powerful cutting across a range of materials. It is also suitable for grinders with a 22.23mm bore for standard locking nut grinders. Again, the thin disc offers fast and easy cutting, reducing exertion and dust for a cleaner and safer site. These angle grinder disc blades for concrete cutting comply with maximum safety requirements.

Inferior concrete cutting discs can wear out quickly and cut less efficiently, which can impact the finish of any job you’re doing on-site. Here at Bosch, our selection of cutting and grinding discs offers superior cutting and long service life, making your job easier. With Bosch Professional cutting blades, you can be sure you’re getting the very best.

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