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Angle grinder discs for efficient and professional metal grinding. For strenuous grinding jobs, it’s important to have the right accessory. Without a quality grinder wheel, your construction jobs will take longer and your accessories will become damaged quicker. To speed up the process and avoid needless replacements, choose a Bosch grinding disc for metal surfaces. Their aluminium oxide abrasive grains help you get fast and smooth finishes on most metallic materials, such as cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals. Choose the X-Lock metal grinding disc for quick accessory changes, further reducing the time and effort you take on your grinding jobs.

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Find accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find accessories the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Grinding discs from Bosch Professional

Cutting and grinding are essential operations when working with all types of metal. The best way to do this effectively and safely is with an angle grinder, complete with the correct grinding disc. Bosch grinding discs can be used on a choice of materials, including steel, metal pipes and profiles, other grinding discs for metal.

Types of grinder discs

There are different types of grinder discs which are each compatible with a variety of power tools, including large, small and mini angle grinders. Small grinding discs are compatible with all 16mm bore machines with locking nuts. These discs come in a range of thicknesses, depending on the material that needs to be cut or ground down.

In addition to offering grinder blades for smaller grinders, we also have a selection of concrete grinding wheel types for use with larger machines. These are available with a 22.23mm bore for standard locking nut grinders, and with a diameter choice of between 180mm and 230mm. All our large grinder wheels offer maximum work safety thanks to the optimum three-layer fibreglass construction. Also, discover our selection of diamond grinding cup wheels for concrete grinders.

Bosch X-LOCK grinding discs for safety and efficient working

All Bosch grinding blades for metal are made using precision fibreglass that offers a high level of disc stability and safety, while also maintaining a long use life. This improves the overall investment value in the long run compared to using lower quality discs that wear out with minimal use. Our flat disc grinder wheels feature an aluminium oxide abrasive grain and functional fillers that combined with a phenol resin bond matrix make them suitable for all types of grinding applications.

Additionally, our grinding discs for angle grinders are also available with X-LOCK click-on application, which is the fastest way to change accessories on the market today. This can increase efficiency by speeding up work processes on-site, while always maintaining the highest standards of safety. The X-LOCK discs are also compatible with nut and thread grinders.

Explore our selection of grinder discs and ensure maximum grinding safety on-site with our selection of high-quality and long-lasting products.

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