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Hole saws that cut through anything. When you’re on the construction site, you work with a wide variety of different materials. Your accessories need to be as versatile and as durable as possible. Our hole saw drill bit can be easily attached to impact drills and drivers to produce clean cuts through a range of surfaces like brick, wood, metal, tiles and plastics. Whether it's a hole cutter for metal or for wood, Bosch hole saw kits contain just the tools you need to produce quick cuts with reduced effort. Their carbide composition makes them extra durable, so you won’t have to worry about frequent replacements.

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Seamless Cutting with Hole Saws from Bosch Professional Accessories

A hole saw is a cylindrical-shaped saw blade which can be used to cut perfectly round holes of varying sizes in a diverse range of construction materials. Hole saw cutters are used in combination with a power dill. As hole saws only cut around the perimeter of a hole, they are usually faster and more efficient than standard drill bits and are the preferred choice for cutting larger holes. More precise than twist or spade drill bits, hole saws can offer a neater finish and eliminate the need for more complex cutting work. Typical applications of hole cutters include creating holes for pipework, plumbing, and wiring.

Types of Hole Saw Cutters

There are different types of hole saws and they generally range in size between 14mm and 210mm in diameter. Holes below this size can usually be achieved using a standard drill bit, while larger holes will generally require alternative cutting methods.

The size of hole saw you chose should depend on the application. There are some standard diameters used for specific tasks, such as fitting waste pipes, placing electrical sockets in drywall, and installing dead bolts in doors. Having the right size hole saw cutter for your specific application can save valuable time and effort on-site. Additionally, the teeth and design of a hole cutter tool can also vary. The distance (pitch) between the blade teeth can be variable or constant depending on what material you want to cut. For example, a hole saw designed for cutting through metal will typically have different teeth to one designed for working with plastic.

Hole saws for impact drill/drivers, rotary drills, and rotary hammer drills are mounted on an arbor and utilise rotational forces to cut through the material in a circular fashion. Our hole saw cutters can be used with the Bosch Power Change Plus keyless arbor for enhanced accuracy and robustness when drilling.

Discover our extensive range of hole saws

The Bosch range includes holes saw cutters for stainless steel, or hole cutter for wood, drywall, plastic, tile, and stone. Our hole saws are specifically designed to cut through tougher materials and are optimised for extreme durability and resistance. Whether for a construction project or some work at home, browse our selection of individual hole cutters and hole saw sets from Bosch Professional Accessories and find the perfect tool for your next project.

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