Masonry & Concrete Drill Bits

Masonry and concrete drill bits for durable drilling through tough material. Drilling is hard work at the best of times, but it’s particularly strenuous when you need to drill in concrete and stone. These materials traditionally present challenges to workers that make jobs like fittings and installations difficult. Bosch drill bits for masonry and concrete are equipped with strong carbide tips, ensuring they remain intact even after extended use through hard surfaces. Use an SDS masonry drill bit set to ensure you have what you need to drill precise holes to multiple dimensions and scales. Produce reliable results for easier drilling time and again with our EXPERT range of drill bits.

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Find drill bits the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.
Find drill bits the efficient way, with the new Accessory Advisor.

Durable masonry and concrete drill bits from Bosch Professional

Manufactured to be durable enough to consistently drill precision holes in the hardest materials, drill bits for masonry and concrete offer superior boring capabilities in a broad range of construction and demolition applications. Suitable for diverse materials, Bosch product range includes stone drill bits, brick drill bits and even cast iron bits. Every product in our range of masonry and concrete drill bits is manufactured to the highest standards. Bosch Professional Accessories for construction guarantee optimal longevity and efficient, jam-free drilling.

Versatile and powerful drilling into concrete

Bosch Professional concrete and masonry core bits are designed for use as bits for rotary hammer drills, rotary drill drivers, and impact drivers. Offering superior durability thanks to a range of Bosch technologies, these construction consumables last longer, providing high levels of longevity even when boring through hard materials over a long period of time.

Masonry hammer drill bits feature 4-cutter heads and make light work of reinforced concrete and masonry, presenting no weaknesses on impact and never jamming. Indeed, this means they offer significantly improved performance over standard 2-cutter heads, while also minimizing breakage on longer jobs.

Featuring a range of shank fittings that ensure easy compatibility with all tool types, both SDS Max drill bits and SDS plus are fully supported, along with standard cylindrical shanks for conventional power tools. This means you can easily switch between different tools while on-site to enhance working efficiency regardless of site-specific and material challenges.

Types of masonry and concrete drill bits

Today, a huge range of different types of masonry and concrete drill bits exist for various types of work and materials. Alongside single bits, Bosch also combines different types of masonry and concrete drill bits within drill bit sets, allowing you to instantly expand your boring capabilities. These packs combine long-life manufacturing and convenient storage in dedicated cases to ensure you always have the right drill bits to hand.

Discover the range of masonry and concrete drill bits on the Bosch website and upgrade your toolbox with durable, efficient, and precision bits that make light work of heavy loads. For versatile projects with multi-material drilling, check out our entire range of drills bits and ensure your toolbox is ready for anything.

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